Edible Films

cassetteOur ODF is now widely used as mouth refresher in various forms and flavors.


  1. Various flavors can be formulated and manufactured: orangelemonstrawberry, powdered green Tea, blueberry, coffee mintrosemint,  raspberrypeppermint, spearmint, cool mint etc.

In addition to these popular flavors, we supply flavors requested by our consumers, This means that we develop your product form the recipe to the product to be sent to you according the regulations as each additive use will be in the limit of your country regulation, the intended users

Thus the base material can be starch, gelatin, cellulose, pullulan etc.

  1. Regular dispenser: 24 strips can contain two or three kinds of flavors in 1 case.
  2. Regular size 22mm X 33mm
  3. The film can also be delivered in roll. The length can be chosen by the customer. However, the maximum width is 600mm.


Primary and secondary package

Aluminum foil, blister package or transparent plastic foil and simple case packages for edible film.

The design of each package is done according to the agreement.

 Smooth disintegration  and dissolution.
 Packed in a case so the strips do not stick to each other.
 Possibility of multiple layers coating with different flavors.  
 List of base materials for edible film manufacturingAll Pages
 Pharmaceutical Ingredients added to edible film base material for product manufacturing
  • Amylose film
  • Amylopectin film
  • Gelatin film
  • Silk (Fibroin) film
  • Casein film
Polysaccharide series
  • Pullulan film (Veg)
  • Guar gum resolvent film
  • Soybean polysaccharide film
  • Agar-agar film
  • Arabinoxylan film
  • Alginate sodium film
  • Callageenan film
  • Pectin film
  • Cellulose:
 HPC filmHPMC filmCarboxymethyl Cellulose film