Pharma Films

What is a pharma film?
A water soluble edible film that can hold active pharmaceutical ingredients. It can be taken without water.
1. Limited alteration of Ingredients during the film production process
Stability of elements which are sensitive to heat and pressure as well as lactic acid bacteria.
2.Possible insertion of multiple elements
Multiple layerd film helps insert in the same strip elements that are not chemically mixable.
3.Ingredients homogenization
Micro quantity of substances such as hormone, neurotransmitter can uniformly be inserted in the film.
4.Reduced lap time from the sample batch production to the final product
Easy and fast sample batch production leading to faster decision for the final formulation.
5.External application to mucous membranes
Recommended for symptomatic therapy such as stomatitis, pyorrhea alveolaris, and the nose mucous membranes.