Japanese technology for your product.

GALEBO started a new phase of development since 2014 when Dr. Kakou B. Georges left Tsukioka Film Pharma to establish GALEBO DISTRIBUTION SERVICE. The distribution and marketing agreement with the former employer led to a better promotion of  non only Tsukioka  technology but also the development and manufacturing of various Japanese companies and the food, and health food industries, pharmaceutical industries, meteorological industries etc.

A few months later, the GALEBO BEVERAGE SERVICE to introduce African cuisine to asian and other nationals living in Japan.

GALEBO COMMNUCATION SERVCE offers support in commercial material design. for you we provide Leaflet, catalog, website design. 

 Our business model ensures competitive advantage through focused in-house capabilities and a network of partners in Japan and overseas for enhanced speed and flexibility. Trought its partners GALEBO has access to markets in the USA, Chile, Brasil, Belgium, UK, Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East to export the MADE IN JAPAN and to import strictly selected raw material and ingredients to Japan. 


We export the MADE IN JAPAN


Manufactured in japan in Gifu and Kanazawa by or exclusive partners, our copper freproducts provide you the copper free 23.08 carats beaten foil to 99.99% genuine gold to

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Our  breath strips in various flavor are manufactured using haram free ingredient in halal certified environment. The certifying body is member of the world halal council. 

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Working closely with you and the Japanese  Manufacturers, we will provide solution to incorporate the health food ingredients or your choice to thin strips or if the quantity required for daily intake is large , to jelly. All of these can be taken without the need of water.

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We excel in providing solution for beauty 

Our edible gold will provide you the inner beauty and gorgeous feeling . the gold tattoo and the  Linda products line will achieve the rest by providing the confidence that you need when you put one step out.

Gold Lotion

Among the moisturizing factors, we have incorporated CARBOXYLIC PIRROLIDON ACID SODIUM SALT Known as PCA-NA to provide you not only the the best moisturizing result but also flexibility, easy use and comfort.

Gold Cream 30g

Effective cream for troubles of expressive wrinkle by blending the main ingredient, argiline (acetyl hexapeptide-3), believed to have an effect similar to Botox injection. Contains Coenzyme Q10 (anti-aging, care and retinol palmitate for horny trouble (wrinkle / shimmer / acne).

Gold Soap 100g

We took care to incorporate in the recipe the best ingredients in the cosmetic field and the formation of foam. this product contains also Hyaluronic acid, ceramide placenta. Please enjoy the jelly-like.

Cleansing 150ml

Oil free. Plant derived natural cleansing ingredients. Skin friendly but clean out your mascara. Despite the  fresh after wash up, it keep the skin moisturized. No face wash required after use. 

Trial set

A set of Linda Gold for first time users or travelers. Before a larger quantity, you can purchase this set and test each of them.  the set is composed of: Cleansing 20ml; Lotion 20ml;  Cream 7g; Essence film 3 strips

Face Mask

This is the ideal product for troubleshooting spots; fine wrinkles due to  drying; red face; wrinkle due to aging etc.  Available also in small size for point masking especially for expressing wrinkles and dry point use.


We listen to you and act for you

Our  staff with highly skilled in contract negotiation will carefully listen to you, advise you and with and POA will  act as your negotiator to make you take the most advantages in any business agreement stating from MOA, NDA Commercial agreement, contract manufacturing, joint venture etc.