The strip type

1.Sheet regular size:2×3cm
(can be changed)
is the recommended)
3.Individual (one strip) in aluminum   pack 4.One strip can hold 20~40㎎
of active ingredients
Response to need of aging society  People who have difficulty taking tablets or water, such as sick patients, elderly people and infants can take it easily because it can be taken without water. PortabilityThin film is convenient and portable. Whether driving a car or boarding a crowded train, you can take the medicine everywhere.
Fast disintegration characteristicsThe sheet disintegrates in 2 to 8 seconds after being placed on the tongue resulting in quick effects. We have worked on research and development of intraoral rapid disintegrating pharma film with Gifu Pharmaceutical University. Design printing and embossingProduct Name, API, content, efficacy, instructions for use and so on can be clearly printed on the strip film.Designs like flowers, animals and pictures are also printable with edible ink.

Example of dissolution of the sheet type pharma-film

Production capacity of Pharmaceutical film
Sheet film (thin strip)                                              20, 000, 000 strips/month

Aluminum pouch or other barrier packages                    6, 000, 000 strips/month

Aluminum pack pharmaceutical film 8-20 strip

in a small box                                                         5, 000, 000 strips/month