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 Since April 2007 we are licensed ad pharmaceutical products manufacturer and factory received the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice factory) certification. Since then we building up a management system for the pharma film that can deliver the medicine without the need of water.

 Our dream is to see the film being approved by the Japanese authorities as drug delivery system and be the first company manufacturing the pharma film in Japan.

 We are making the very effort to establish a frame work of Pharma film project.


 Do you know what this is? Characters and logos floating on the surface of coffee.

This is a very thin pure gold foil. This shining gold makes dishes very gorgeous and romantic. Of course you can drink it as pure gold has been said to be good for health for years .

 In Japan as well as other parts of the world, this design is gaining in popularity.

Remember that Japan was called “Gipang, the Country of Gold” since 700 years ago. Our advanced production technology patented in many countries opens new possibilities for gold business.


 Our motto: "We always make a new dream the No.1" in other words being the first in whatever we initiate. We have always kept trying to manufacture new products and respond to the needs of our partners ”

 The pillar or our business is the Hot Stamping where we have always been the Number One in Japan.

 Recently, extending our foot print worldwide not only for breath strips products and edible gold products, but in the narow area of ODF strip.

 Every year we join international trade fairs and professional exhibitions.


 June 29th, 2007.TSUKIOKA FILM PHARMA CO., LTD was awarded for workers promotion and improvement of working environment by the Japan Institute of Workers Evolution.

 We work on improving the environment and work environment so that employees could exercise their ability at work and in their family.

  The Japan Institute of Workers’ Evolution (JIWE) was established in April 1986, following the introduction of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law in the same year. The JIWE aims to establish good employment relations within companies, improve the welfare of female workers, workers who care for children or family members and part-time workers


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